Name Amargasaurus
Means La Amarga (bitter) lizard
Period Early Cretaceous
Where Argentina
Size Length: 33 feet
Height: 13 feet
Weight: 14,000 lbs

Small, and short-necked for a sauropod, at just 10 meters (33 feet), Amargasaurus sported a series of tall spines down its neck and back. The tallest spines extended down the neck of the creature where they were paired in parallel rows until they gradually decreased in size until they became a single short row over the hips. The neck spines may have meant that the neck of Amargasaurus was relatively inflexible and it was most likely a low browser for food.

The function of these spines may have been manifold – species recognition, temperature regulation, communication or as a defensive display by making the animal appear larger to potential predators. The neck spines were sharp as well and may have been used as a weapon.