Name Ruyangosaurus
Means Ruyang lizard
Period Late Cretaceous
Where Asia: China, Henan Province, Ruyang County
Size Length: over 99 feet
Height: over 30 feet
Weight: estimated to be over 85 tons

Unearthed in 2007 and described in 2009, Ruyangosaurus replaced Huanghetitan (found in the same location in 2006) as the largest Cretaceous sauropod yet discovered in Asia.

A sauropod of the titanosaur group, Ruyangosaurus had a shorter neck and tail than earlier Jurassic sauropods like Omeisaurus and Mamenchisaurus. The broader chest and slimmer hip area meant that titanosaurs like Ruyangosaurus presented a much different physical appearance than earlier sauropods. The flexible spinal column also meant that the dinosaur could possibly rear on its hindlimbs. Like many titanosaurs, the skin of Ruyangosaurus was armoured – covered in small bead-like scales.